SPC Express Password Information

SPC Express allows you to password protect various functions.   Here's how it works:

There are three levels of operation within SPC Express.
  1. User Level (the default level at start-up)
  2. Supervisor Level
  3. System Administrator Level
Users at each level are authorized to perform the various functions.
For example: You could define your passwords so that... Changing Levels
To change levels, click on the File menu and choose "Change Levels and Password".   You can change to whatever level you want, but only if you know the password for that level.   Only a System Administrator can view and change passwords and define which functions are allowed at the various levels.

Changing Definitions
Once you are a System Administrator, you can then click on File, Change Levels and Passwords, and then you will see a button labeled "Edit PW Info".   Click on that button and you will see the screen below:

In the example above, all functions are allowed at all 3 levels except that "Delete Part File" is only allowed on levels 2 and 3.   You can allow or restrict whatever functions you want to whatever levels you want.   You can make up your own passwords (they are NOT case sensitive), but be sure to remember what they are or you'll have trouble getting back in to change them!   If you do forget, contact MMS and we can give you a "master password" that will be good for one day.  

Attempt to perform a restricted function
When a user tries to perform a function that is not authorized for the current level, a warning notice will be given and the opportunity to enter a password will be given.   If you enter the correct password, that function will be performed even though you are not at the correct level.   If you do not enter the correct password, that function will be denied.   After the function has been performed, you will remain at the level you started from.   If you know ahead of time that you have several restricted functions to perform, it would probably be to your benefit to change to the appropriate level first and avoid having to enter the password repeatedly.

Default Passwords
When you first receive your copy of SPC Express the passwords have been pre-defined (see below), but you are free --- and encouraged --- to change them to whatever you want. They are case-insensitive.

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